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Bed Sheet Sobelcale Maximize

Bed Sheet Sobelcale

These masterfully woven luxury bed sheets and matching pillow cases deliver exquisite luxury at a great value. You'll love the comfort and durability of our special cotton and polyester blend, special weave fabric. Relax into restful sleep every night on this soft and cozy sheet, trusted by hotels and resorts worldwide.

Bed Set includes: 
- 1 Flat Sheet 
- 1 Fitted Sheet 
- 2 Pillow Cases 

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  • 60% cotton/40% polyester yarns provides increased durability.
  • Unique anti "wear & tear" weave construction guarantees longer fabric life.
  • Custom hem color and label provide easier laundry and housekeeping sorting.
  • Sanforized finish guarantees minimal shrinkage.

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